Ready to take your health & fitness journey to the next level and take back control over your life?

Everyone starts with the fundamentals course and then if suitable for you you can progress into the group classes and or semi private sessions. We hold classes 7 days a week morning, afternoon and evenings. 

This beginners course to pilates will help you learn the techniques to start an effective exercise regimen and make sure to avoid injury along the way and get real results as you understand what your doing. You are then able to join the classes and feel confident and safe. 

Join us today for the most comprehensive reformer pilates beginners course and take control of your life!

You have 3 ways to start with us depending  if you have pain/injury/health condition or not. Choose from the options:

1-1 Format 

Are you looking for an effective way to improve your balance and flexibility?

The Rehab Hub in Glasgow Kinning Park offers a beginner Pilates Reformer course so you can get started on the path to improved full-body fitness and posture. 

Our experienced, certified trainers will help you learn the basics and ensure your safety, even if you have no previous injuries. So book your journey to even better wellness by signing up for the Pilates Reformer class today!

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2:1 Format  

Join The Rehab Hub in Glasgow Kinning Park and double your Pilates Reformer experience! 

Bring along a friend and enjoy your first course made specifically for beginners with no injuries. 

Here at The Rehab Hub, we believe that Pilates Reformer has the potential to improve your wellness, Posture, strength and mobility. 

Book now and start your journey to a stronger and healthier self for you and your friend. Friends that train together are friends for life.


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Have an Injury

Are you looking for something to help with an injury, or getting around a health condition? Book our beginners Pilates Reformer course with assessment!  Our team are experts in helping all kinds of issues, from recovering after a serious illness to improving your flexibility. With Pilates Reformer, youll be able to target specific issues.  Not only this, but youll also be supported by our team of experienced professionals all the way. We're here to help you get back on track.  Sart your journey to a healthier and stronger you!


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Are you dealing with poor posture and body pain that just won’t go away? We understand how hard it can be. With Pilates Reformer, our team of physiotherapists, podiatrists and rehab experts, you can eliminate your body pain and get back to feeling fabulous. Receive personalised treatment from our team and experience a healthier lifestyle.

How you get started with Reformer Pilates 

Are you interested in trying pilates, but held back by an injury? Look no further! Our reformer sessions are designed to give everyone the opportunity to take part, regardless of their level, health needs, age, size or anything else. We specialize in providing additional care to those who require it, as well as offer a full timetable of sessions for everyone who wants to stay in shape. Join us now and experience the benefits of pilates!


Are you struggling with an injury? Take control of your recovery with SJ and the team at The Rehab Hub. Our team are exceptionally qualified - CPD and further postgraduate training is a core value for us at The Rehab Hub, our team are constantly updating and expanding their skills and knowledge  to the highest possible standard. You can rest assured we will we working to the latest research and advances in health available. 

SJ has 25 years of Pilates teaching, and mentoring and training new teachers, qualifications in podiatry (HCPC Registered),  diploma in sports therapy, Masters in public health, and currently undertaking PhD in rheumatology and biomechanics with a Pgcet underway in diagnostic ultrasound.

The team at the rehab hub are a mix of health care professionals Physios (with Hannah undertaking her Doctorate of Physiotherapy)  and MSK Podiatrist (specialise in pain and injuries). Sarah T has over 30 years teaching  experience, holds a Masters in Sports Science, lecturing and teaching health programs in Scotlands collages.  

The Rehab Hub is the perfect way to help you get back on track. Our experienced staff and top-notch resources make us the go-to destination for those in Scotland seeking to get back to full health and performance in the best hands.

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What times and days you can book your 1-1 or 2-1 sessions here at The Rehab Hub 

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