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Richie Brace:

Introducing the Richie Brace - the gold standard treatment for treating complex Foot & Ankle Pathologies. Designed in 1996, The Richie Brace® revolutionised the non-operative approach to the most challenging foot & ankle pathologies, transforming patient quality of life and functionality.  

This ankle brace is custom-made with a contoured balanced orthotic footplate articulated to adjustable semi-rigid lower leg uprights, providing just the degree of stability needed to reduce excessive force through the affected structures. Plus, extra modifications or enhancements can help add further restrictions in movement in sagittal, frontal and transverse planes.

Prescribing the brace requires a comprehensive lower limb assessment, plaster of paris cast of the foot and ankle, rehabilitation programme and reviews to ensure effective progression. There's a wide range of conditions that can be helped, from arthritis of any joint at the Ankle Complex to metatarsus adductus and metatarsalgias.  The Richie Brace - helping you to quickly recover from complex foot & ankle pathologies with the gold standard in treatment!