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Achilles Tendon Pain

We can solve your Foot pain

Achilles Tendon


Our Musculoskeletal (MSK) are experts in treating Foot pain. 


We are specialist musculoskeletal Podiatrists and are experts in differentiating between the many causes of foot pain and getting rid of your symptoms.

Achilles Tendon Pain   

Let's get you out of pain 


Achilles tendon injury is often described as insertional (the point where the Achilles connect to the heel) or midbody, where there is usually a visible lump along the tendon which is painful when squeezed.


characterised by a dull ache and stiffness in the ankle after periods of rest that eases a little with activity. 

Booking a biomechanics and Posture assessment is the best way to give you an assessment and get. to the cause of your pain - so we can then work to get you out of pain. 

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Foot Pain  

What to book


Given the complexity of foot pain, we recommend you book the biomechanics and posture assessment. In this appointment type, we recommend a full human movement assessment, entire history, posture assessment and physical assessment to determine the cause of your pain. This gives the best picture to best help you.  .

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Treatments we offer to resolve Achilles Tendon Pain



Custom Foot Orthoses


Medical grade 4 Laser 

Mobilisation/Manual Therapy

Exercise/Pilates Rehab


Medical Dry Needling

Cupping Therapy

Muscle Energy Techniques

Conditions we treat

We are highly experienced in helping you get out of pain and improving your quality of life. 


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We are HCPC registered health Care Professionals and provide advanced treatments for a wide range of problems. 


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You can book with us and see our full dairy here, or contact us for more information.  


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