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There is is something magical about both feet being in the air at the same time. Running does not need to be painful - let us help you live a vigorous life as you age. 


What is 3D gait analysis?

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3D gait analysis uses infrared cameras to accurately measure the positions of markers attached to a person’s legs. This data is used to create a 3D model of the person moving and sophisticated software then calculates joint angles and velocities at the pelvis, hip, knee and ankle.

These values are compared to a database so that the person’s unique biomechanical profile can be calculated. Additional measures of the person’s flexibility, strength and alignment can also be compared to the database, enabling a clinician to determine the cause of any abnormal biomechanical function and optimise the treatment plan.

3D gait analysis technology is used in Hollywood for animations and by Universities for biomechanical research.

See a full analysis of 3DGait and MSK in this live video we filmed of Donna who attended to get answers to help her with her chronic knee pain.


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Run3D uses the most advanced form of gait analysis available. The data allows our clinicians to accurately identify the root-cause of injury and recommend the optimal treatment pathway.

Why is 3D gait analysis important?


Run3D uses the most advanced form of gait analysis available.


The body functions in three planes, which combine to form a complex set of movements and rotations. For example, when the knee bends, it also rotates and moves towards the other leg. In order to properly understand biomechanical function, it is important to measure all of these movement patterns and 3D gait analysis enables us to do this.

Conventional video analysis only records motion in 2D and does not measure the rotational movements of the body. Furthermore, video analyses are usually subjective and not sensitive enough to detect the subtle abnormalities that can lead to injury.

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What do we do with the results?

The results are used to recommend the optimal treatment pathway for your injury. Depending on what we find, this might be a referral for Physiotherapy, or into our Clinical Pilates Reformer sessions or a customised rehabilitation programme. Many health professionals refer patients into us and we provide a full report for your health care professional to work with you. Email or call us if you would like to refer into us. 

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The novelty of infrared technology means that the assessment generates a lot of media interest. The Run3D service has featured in many national magazines, including: