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Focus on the Feet, the foot, knee Hip connection

The foot is the interface between the ground and the rest of the body, therefore any disruption in foot biomechanics must impact the alignment of the knees, hips and lower back.

This course is designed to teach you how to identify common foot imbalances, and understand how each foot type impacts biomechanical dysfunction in the knees and hips - and how you can design your fitness /rehab program to improve foot and body posture.

This course is ideal for CPD for the health professional, the personal trainer looking to up-skill and really get ahead of the game when it comes to taking human movement and dysfunction to another level to get the best results for their clients. Or for the individual who is keen to dig deeper and take a deep dive into their own mechanics and understand their dysfunctions, be able to test and know what to then do about it.

The biomechanical function of the foot is to be the connection between the ground and the rest of the body.

Get to know your feet!