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Posture & Gait


(Three-Dimensional Analysis)

In pain, have an injury or have poor posture? Do you want to get answers on what your body is doing and why your getting pain or why your injury is not improving? If you answered yes - then you are in the right place. This is your Movement MRI.   



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Poor Posture?

In Pain?


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(Your Movement MRI) 

Early Detection and efficient followup is Key 

Prevention of MSK (Musculoskeletal) complications requires the early detection of the first signs of joint impairment in relatively asymptomatic individuals as well as the efficient followup of MSK complications already present.

The problem is most patients don't get the right detection, correct diagnosis and access to treatment. 

Appropriate treatment is only possible if we have reliable assessment tools, because if we don't understand what's going on how can we give you a correct diagnosis to then be able to offer you the best treatment. 

Until now most tools outside hospital or university labs have poor reliability and remain very subjective. Meaning your diagnosis and treatment have been a best guess. 

2D video and observation not fit for purpose 

When you move things happen rapidity, simple direct observation (or 2D cameras seen in most running shops for gait analysis) is rarely sufficient to give any insight into the pattern of limb movement or to determine the biomechanics causes of an abnormal gait in humans (biomechanics is the study of the structure and function of biological systems).

In 3D analysis  physics and mathematics are applied to unravel the biomechanics of a pathological gait and pinpoint which joint or muscle system is responsible for the functional deficit.

3D analysis assesses you during walking or running, while you are, under weight-bearing conditions. This is of the utmost importance, as pain induced by weight-bearing activities significantly influences the functional performance of the joints. 

If you have an injury, or want to find any weaknesses before they are an issue - book your analysis. 

The Rehab Hub Analysis

Posture & Gait Analysis.

What happens?

Full Posture assessment looking at any posture problems you may be experiencing. In addition, we will place you onto the 3D Analysis system and assess your gait picking up on any imbalances.

What you get:

  • Full digital posture assessment
  • Gait 3D assessment (walking) 

    Three-Dimensional Gait Analysis

  • A full report of findings with explanation and plan.

Full Analysis, report and plan £160

Case Study

This video is of Donna having her assessment in real time - Donna had knee pain after multiple surgeries and she wanted to get assessed to make sure we have an accurate understanding of why she was still in pain. And then from there help her get out of pain and back to her daily activities. 

After assessment - she received a treatment plan that included PRP (platelet rich plasma) knee injections (spaced 1 month apart, Shockwave therapy, Manual therapy and Rehab. Her full plan was structured over 12 weeks. Donna reported reduction in pain after her first treatment from not being able to go down stairs to within 1 session was able to manage stairs with no pain. Donna is back to activites and pain free.

This is Donna having her Shockwave and PRP. After her assessment we created a plan that worked for Donna and we are thrilled she is back feeling great and pain free! 


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The novelty of infrared technology means that the assessment generates a lot of media interest. The service has featured in many national magazines, including: