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Which verruca treatment is best?

Which is the best verruca treatment?

First, what actually is a verruca?.  Verruca is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). It is a wart and when you have this on the sole of your foot is called a verruca. It is the same wart you would get on your hand or any other place on your body - its just called a verruca as its on the sole of your foot. 

What Which verruca treatment is best?

There are many different options but with varying success.

In The Rehab Hub Glasgow we have different options:

First, Verruca Needling - this is the gold standard when it comes to success. It involves you getting the area numbed and then we puncture the verruca - this has been shown to have the best success rate. Norm you only need this one once. 

Another option we have is Verrutop - this is for those that may not like the idea of having the needling. With this option we see very good success rates in clinic if you see our before and after photos - this is from both the verrutop and needling procedures. We have an excellent success rate in on Glasgow clinics - please reach out if you need help. 


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