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Get to Know Your Deep Core for Pressure Management

Get to Know Your Deep Core for Pressure Management

Your deep inner core muscles play an important role in managing intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) for posture, spine stability, organ support, and continence control. These muscles include the diaphragm, transversus abdominis, internal obliques, pelvic floor, and deep multifidus. Properly activating and coordinating these muscles is the key to healthy IAP regulation.

When your deep core isn't working optimally, you can experience issues like back pain, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, hernias, and respiration impairments. Fortunately, targeted exercise can retrain these muscles.

One of the best modalities for activating the deep core is Pilates reformer training. The spring resistance and stabilisation required on the reformer strongly recruits those inner core muscles. And the horizontal position allows you to better feel the deep contractions, unlike vertical exercises that can compensate with other muscles.

During our Pilates reformer programming, we guide you to connect with your transverse abdominis by drawing your navel in towards your spine. We incorporporate pelvic floor awareness with Kegel cues. The springs add resistance for your obliques to fight against. And the stabilised carriage challenges your diaphragm and multifidus throughout the movements.

Over time, Pilates reformer enhances endurance and coordination in those inner core muscles. Members often report improvements in posture, breath control, continence, and back pain.

If you struggle with pressure regulation or want to improve foundational core strength, our Pilates reformer training can help recondition those key muscles. Contact us today to learn more and try a session! We provide new member specials and intro packages to get you started effectively. Invest in your deep health and join us for Pilates reformer programming specially designed to target your inner powerhouse.

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