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Pelvic Prolapse can Pilates Reformer Help

Pilates Reformer can be an effective and safe way to restore strength and stability to the spine, abdomen and pelvic floor, but it can also be beneficial for those suffering from a pelvic prolapse. 

A pelvic prolapse occurs when the pelvic muscles and/or ligaments weaken or stretch and allow one or more organs in the abdomen to herniate or prolapse into the vagina, sometimes pushing against the walls of the vagina. This can cause urinary leakage, discomfort with sex, back pain, or other symptoms.   

Pilates Reformer can help to strengthen and stabilise the pelvic floor muscles and provide postural support. It can also help to improve overall core strength, which can reduce the stress on the weakened connective tissues in the pelvis and reduce pelvic pain.   

The Pilates Reformer is an excellent tool to maximise immediate feedback and control for each exercise, allowing the practitioner to achieve better results and make corrections along the way. 

Using the Reformer, one can work to engage the pelvic region in a more precise manner, helping to direct the forces needed to create balanced muscles and reduce prolapse symptoms.  

The gentle rocking motion of the Reformer can help move the organs in the pelvic area, creating space for other vital organs and muscles. This can help to improve the overall circulation in the region, which can help to reduce swelling and improve healing, as well as providing therapeutic mobilisation and relaxation.  

Pilates Reformer can also help to correct dysfunctional muscle imbalances while further strengthening and toning the abdominal core and posterior muscles. This helps to create stability and reduce the risk of further prolapse.   

Since the pilates reformer provides a gentle, low-impact way to exercise, it can be highly beneficial in helping to reduce pain. The core strengthening exercises can help to support the pelvic organs and create a stable foundation that supports the surrounding connective tissue.   

To maximize the benefits of Pilates Reformer for those with a pelvic prolapse, it is recommended to always seek the guidance of a trained and certified professional. The practitioner can create a program that meets the individuals needs. They can also help perfect and progress the movements to further improve outcomes.

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