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What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy:


A relatively new, cutting-edge treatment that is revolutionizing the field of orthopedic medicine.

PRP can repair injuries and relieve pain in the body, especially in the joints. It is associated with faster healing, reduction in pain, and much lower risk than with other treatments. If musculoskeletal pain is affecting your daily life, then PRP therapy is a treatment option worth exploring. 

Growth factors and proteins are found in the platelets of your blood. These elements are there to stimulate healing, support the growth of cells, and form new tissues. So the body’s first response to any soft-tissue injury is to deliver platelets to the site to start the repairing process. PRP therapy is a form of regenerative medicine, which takes advantage of the blood’s natural healing properties. The procedure involves extracting and isolating platelets and plasma from a sample of your blood. 


Then the health care professional concentrates it into a healing solution. It then gets injected back into the body at (and around) the point of injury or pain. When the growth factors interact with local cells, they trigger the cells to heal the damage. This promotes tissue formation and reduces inflammation. The PRP solution may also provide a lubricating factor.



 PRP therapy is helping many athletes and active people who suffer from orthopaedic conditions to recover more quickly and frequently to avoid the need for surgery. In addition, research shows PRP may be an effective form of treatment when conventional methods have not worked successfully. PRP can be a good option if you are sensitive to anti-inflammatory medication, do not want to consider surgery for your condition, or cannot have surgery due to an underlying health condition. 

PRP can be used to treat many orthopaedic conditions, including:

  • Soft-tissue injuries (tendons, ligaments, muscles)
  • Achilles tendon ruptures
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis




Although PRP therapy is relatively new, it has been used successfully for more than 20 years in other fields of medicine. Studies have shown that PRP therapy is effective at relieving pain and helping patients return to their normal activities more quickly than expected.

PRP can significantly reduce the need for surgery by treating injured tissues before the damage progresses and the condition becomes irreversible. 


Other benefits of PRP include:

  • It uses the body’s cells to stimulate the natural biological healing process
  • It is minimally invasive – no surgical incisions are involved
  • It can be used to treat patients who cannot have surgery
  • It offers a much faster recovery period than does surgery
  • There is almost no risk of infection or allergic reaction
  • Lower costs than surgery

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